My work, “Sacks of Yesterdays“, can be seen on the fabulous stone wall of Katie Green’s Old Montreal kitchen in this photo published in the Globe and Mail. Katie acquired the artwork a few years ago at Timeraiser Vancouver, a unique concept that pairs art lovers with non-profits looking for volunteers. It’s so great for me to see how an owner hangs the work and how it becomes a part of their home.

Here’s what Katie says in the Globe and Mail article, “This art piece by Ellen Scobie, featuring 15 different layered photographs of parks superimposed on top of each other, carries so many memories with it, making it priceless to me. I got it in Vancouver at a unique fundraiser called Timeraiser, where local artists donated a work of art for charity. I bought it by doing 150 hours of charitable work as mandated by the event. Every day it reminds me of the joy that can come from generosity and philanthropy.”

Thank you, Katie, for mentioning the Timeraiser and to you and all the other great volunteers that contribute hundreds of hours to local charities! Read the Globe and Mail article


Sacks of Yesterdays, 30×30 in.