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Cropping – A matter of context

Are the white sections in this photo defects in the photo or part of how the photographer framed the subject? Careful observation of this photo should guide how…

New artist studios in Vancouver

donating to an art auction, is it bad for artists

Donating to a charity art auction – Is it bad for the artist?

Charity auctions frequently ask artists for donations. It is a common request as every community has many charities who rely on events where donated items, including art, are…

photography, nature, leaves

Down by the Water

Reflections on Abstract Art I was listening to Tom Allen’s radio show, Shift, on CBC2, as I usually do weekday afternoons. Tom commented on the song Down By…

Pink Garden, fine art printmaking

Artist’s Process and Materials

I received an email from a client awhile ago who was curious about my process. This client is an avid collector of serigraphs, lithographs, pastel drawings and original…

West Coast Beach, photography by Ellen Scobie, inspired by yoga breath, fine art

News in Oct and Nov 2011

2011 – A little bit about what I’ve been up to this fall: Culture Days was celebrated across Canada. I helped to organize venues for local artists to…

The Art of Movement [video]

I’m fascinated with this time-lapse yoga by Megan Currie. Thank you Belle Ancell for posting it! It’s so beautiful and joyful and made me smile and laugh.