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ellen scobie, digital mixed media artist, working in studio


Interview reprinted from the Opus newsletter Layer by Layer: Is it a painting, a print, or a photograph? Vancouver artist Ellen Scobie talks about blurring the lines between…

Vancouver developer purchases large collection of limited edition prints for condominium project

Softly Rushing, fine art print on paper, neutral colour, color, beige, ochre, brown, nature, landscape, grey

Contemporary Printmaking: The Penang International Print Exhibition 2012

September 15 – October 15, 2010 Opening Ceremony September 28, 2010 Penang State Art Gallery, Malaysia Guest Curator: Prof. A. Rahman I’m very pleased to be exhibiting two…

Interview in Icelandic Canadian Magazine

Vol. 62 #2 (2009)

Random Act of Time I, limited edition print

Talking About Contemporary Abstract Art

Artists frequently get questions on “what is their art about”. It is only natural that people look at the art with the intention of making some sort of…