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watercolour painting 19th century

Watercolours on Exhibit at Tate Britain

Here’s an exhibit I would love to see of watercolours at Tate Britain. Especially contemporary watercolour work. I’ll post links to any interesting blogs that I find about…


Creating meaning

The artist must have something to say, for mastery over form is not the goal but rather the adapting of form to its inner meaning. Wassily Kandinsky Over…

The Window, Mixed media (inkjet and acrylic) on canvas, by ellen Scobie, digital mixed media, original art on canvas

Window Views

Art exhibit presented by The North Vancouver Community Arts Council October 29 – November 20, 2010 Opening Reception 7-9pm, Thursday, October 28, 2010 Windows can be viewed as…

Softly Rushing, fine art print on paper, neutral colour, color, beige, ochre, brown, nature, landscape, grey

Contemporary Printmaking: The Penang International Print Exhibition 2012

September 15 – October 15, 2010 Opening Ceremony September 28, 2010 Penang State Art Gallery, Malaysia Guest Curator: Prof. A. Rahman I will be exhibiting two prints at…


San Diego Art Exhibit: 14 Contemporary Artists in Digital Media

Exhibition Catalog Excerpts Curatorial Comments by Will Gibson Throughout the history of man, technological advances start in one discipline and ripple through other fields of endeavor and over…

Is a title important to an artwork?

I cannot fully explain a piece of art in words. Like many other artists, I would prefer that the art speaks for itself. As has been often repeated,…

photo of art magazines

Just one more awesome thing

Neil Pasricha started a blog a few years ago called It was during a time in his life when nothing seemed to be going right and he…

Chris Ofili's painting, Afrodizzia, at Tate

Elephant Dung and Monkey Worship

There’s more to Chris Ofili at Tate Britain Chris Ofili’s work at Tate Britain is displayed in seven separate rooms offering a conventional chronological look at the artist’s…

Gleaning and Giving Thanks

I watched an interesting show on the Knowledge Network last night, The Gleaners. A French film maker went around filming people who made use of what other people…

Interview in Icelandic Canadian Magazine

Vol. 62 #2 (2009)

Random Act of Time I, limited edition print

Talking About Contemporary Abstract Art

Artists frequently get questions on “what is their art about”. It is only natural that people look at the art with the intention of making some sort of…

Ellen Scobie, Vancouver artist with "The Window" mixed media on canvas

Digital Photomontage Art Exhibit

 2009-02-22 New West Record Ellen Scobie