drawings of buffalo

Welcome to the Orange West

These drawings are the mesmerizing work of Joel Daniel Phillips at Tinney Contemporary in Nashville. His beautifully rendered artwork of the majestic buffalo are caught mid-stride and hung frame by …

small terracotta seated figure with photo of trapeze artist behind

The Thinker

I like putting my sculpture maquettes into different scenarios. Using photographs or in combination with other sculptures, the juxtaposition leads into the possibility of a narrative.

photo of artist studio with clay sculpture of walking female figure

Walking Figure Maquette

This walking figure maquette is one of my new sculptures. I’ve been working on my idea of using the body as a metaphor that expresses the negative impacts of consumerism. …

clay sculpture of kneeling figure on stand in artist studio

Kneeling figure

I’ve been experimenting with simplifying the volumes of the body. This kneeling figure shows a powerful form. I’ve taken liberties with the anatomy to focus on projecting an emotionally charged …

Fast Girls Get There First

Kim Kennedy Austin Wil Aballe Art Projects, (WAAP), 688 E. Hastings Street When I first went to look for the gallery, I couldn’t find it. Entering off the street, I …