Exhibition Catalog Excerpts

Curatorial Comments by Will Gibson

Throughout the history of man, technological advances start in one discipline and ripple through other fields of endeavor and over time can completely change societies. We are in the midst of such a revolution. The advent of what has been called the Digital Age is currently reshaping all aspects of our lives. The art world is no exception. The title Cross-Pollination refers to this aspect of interconnection and fertilization of our culture and art. As the tools become more and more available and powerful, we are constantly seeing the formation of new and exciting combinations of visual ideas and forms.

What we have gathered here are short portfolios of fourteen different artists of varying backgrounds and styles whose common thread is their adoption of digital tools. They are all members of the Digital Arts Guild selected from a larger pool of interested artists. As you will see, there is a broad range of styles and techniques embraced in this exhibit.

Ellen Scobie (also) starts with photographs but has become a master at layering different images into an impressionistic whole that harkens to memories both individual and archetypical.

Artist Statement, Ellen Scobie

The smallest unit of life is a cell, the building block of all living things. Each cell contains the cell genome, or DNA, which stores information. In reproduction, DNA is replicated and passed on to offspring so linking generations: each subsequent generation carries the DNA of its forebears.

My digital paintings are the offspring of my photography. I capture the world in digital photographs and scans, recording images in pixels. Each pixel is a capsule of information analogous to a cell containing DNA. I used these cells of information to make paintings, digitally recombining pixels from a myriad of images to create something new.

I then print the composition onto canvas bringing forth the virtual painting in the material world. My practice involves the convergence of three art forms: photography, painting and printmaking.

Intended to be experienced on an emotive level, these interior landscapes may evoke past remembrances or an undefined sense of the familiar or a new, yet somehow appealing, expression. I work hard at developing a visually rich surface, using image fragments plucked from time’s continuum, reinvented to suggest the possibilities of a new narrative.

About the Exhibit

Members of the Digital Art Guild from as far away as Vancouver, British Columbia were selected by curator Will Gibson to show a short portfolio of current work in this exhibit. Curator Gibson explains, “The idea was to find and show a specific body of work by these contemporary artists in such a way as to create an overall picture of the state of digital two dimensional art today. The digital revolution has come to most fields of our society and the art world is no exception. Many of these artists have strong backgrounds in traditional media and have chosen to explore these new tools. ‘Cross-pollination’ refers not only to the mix of traditional experience and digital tools, but also to the communication among artists in the Digital Art Guild. The range of how they approach their work gives the visitor an experience of what is possible and hopefully a glimpse of how things will continue to change in the future.”

The Digital Art Guild
The Digital Art Guild was founded in 2003 as a place for explorers in this new mode of expression, a fertile place to exchange ideas and help each other understand and use these new digital tools. This is the first of many of their exhibits to concentrate on a broader picture of fewer artists.