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photo of girl with Herschel backpack looking at life-sized, figurative sculpture

Sculpture Commission

I was commissioned by Omer Arbel architects to create a larger than life-sized, figurative sculpture for the new Herschel Supply Co. flagship store. Titled “Big Pants,” it is…

clay sculpture of walking female in studio

Work in Studio – Rampage

Walking figure, clay maquette by Ellen Scobie

Summer Workshop – Part 2, Walking Figure

In week 2 of the Grzegorz Gwiazda workshop at the Barcelona Academy of Art we explored the walking figure. We took a fresh approach to a walking figure…

abstract sculpture in clay in studio

Summer Workshop – Part 1, Abstract Dynamic Composition

I found so much inspiration in an excellent two-week workshop given by Grzegorz Gwiazda at the Barcelona Art Academy. We started off exploring the concept of abstract dynamic…

sculpture exhibit of large cat sculpture in painted fiberglass

Arts Alive Oak Bay Sculpture Exhibit

The sculpture exhibit, Arts Alive, is an annual event hosted by the municipality of Oak Bay. The jury selected my cat-person sculpture, titled Meditation, for the 2016-2017 exhibition….

sculptor ellen scobie works on marble bear sculpture in china

Sculpture Trip to China

I’m back from my very memorable sculpture trip to China. For the first week, I was working with my Vancouver Sculpture Studio partner, Geemon Xin Meng, at a…

The Making of a Sculpture using a Plaster Cast

  These images show the steps taken from the initial modelling in clay of the sculpture through to the plaster cast. The plaster sculpture is refined and used…

female nude torso - plaster sculpture by geemon xin meng and ellen scobie, vancouver sculpture studio

Figurative sculpture

Our bodies tell a story of our lives — where we’ve been hurt, where we hold love, signs of childbearing, signs of age. These sculptures create a narrative…