Contemporary Printmaking: The Penang International Print Exhibition 2012


September 15 – October 15, 2010
Opening Ceremony September 28, 2010
Penang State Art Gallery, Malaysia
Guest Curator: Prof. A. Rahman

I will be exhibiting two prints at the Penang International Print Competition in Malaysia. In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a talk on contemporary printmaking given by U.K. art writer Richard Noyce entitled, “Journeys to the Edge: Alternative Printmaking”, (see below) and an open printmaking workshop facilitated by four young artist printmakers as well as a number of solo shows by printmakers. A monograph of the exhibit will be published.

The two prints of mine accepted into the show are Softly Rushing (above) and Ancient Striation, seen below:

Ancient Striation - 24x28 in.
Ancient Striation – 24×28 in.

This exhibition is part of a wider event called “Sparkles in Penang” (SIP) sponsored by Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism, which features thirteen offerings of contemporary art in ten different venues throughout the month of September.

Excerpt from the talk on contemporary printmaking given by Richard Noyce on the occasion of the Penang International Print Exhibit 2010:


Richard Noyce   

Over the past decade or more I have explored contemporary printmaking and the international printmaking community through journeys to a number of very different countries and also through the medium of the Internet. My book titles both incorporate the word ‘edge’, and reading those books will reveal some of the complexities and paradoxes that this word entails. What is certain however is that contemporary printmaking is in very good health, that it continues to expand and diversify and, importantly, that it continues to defy exact and scientific definition. … I suggest that there is no other single visual arts form in which those who produce the work, write about it, or collect it, can have such a wide range of ways in which to get together, to look, to learn and, importantly, to share ideas. For all these reasons contemporary printmaking continues to exert a strong fascination in a growing number of people…. As the notion of the print and printmaking is unpacked a whole new set of questions arises. … Contemporary printmaking is no longer content with staying in the obscure corners into which some commentators pushed it in the past, and in which some printmakers were content to stay. It is a vibrant and continually evolving set of mediums that defies safe definition. Paradoxically, while much printmaking continues to take place at the edges, where there is a greater sense of risk and danger, it is also moving resolutely towards the centre of the contemporary visual arts….

For the complete paper, please visit the website of Richard Noyce.