I usually work on more than one piece of art at a time and, like many artists, am often hard pressed to determine when the art is actually finished. Sometimes I’ll commit to a certain composition as being the finished one, only to come back to the art several days – or even hours – later to being totally dissatisfied with it.

I started out making editions of my work (making multiple prints of the same image) to a small maximum number, usually up to 25, but often only 5 or 10. But I find I can’t leave some of the art alone after I print it. The longer I look at it, the more ideas I have for it.

So I have started incorporating acrylic glazes and mediums on top of the print to further develop the composition. Here I have started with my image, Night Fears, and painted on top of it to create a new work. I’ve included the original print I started with and some detail photos so you can see the finished — well, for now 😉 — artwork.

photo collage and digital painting, title Night Fears

The original “Night Fears” print before I started painting on it.

mixed media artwork (pigmented inkjet print with acrylic painting) by ellen scobie

After glazing and adding to the composition with acrylics

mixed media art

Detail of surface texture

mixed media painting by abstract artist Ellen Scobie

Detail of surface texture and marks made in acrylic gel

detail of abstract painting with sgraffitto by ellen scobie

More textural surface detail


Ellen Scobie is a visual artist melding the traditional art forms of painting, photography and printmaking. View her art at www.ellenscobie.com.