Just one more awesome thing

Neil Pasricha started a blog a few years ago called It was during a time in his life when nothing seemed to be going right and he decided to try to focus on the positive and think of one awesome thing to post to his blog everyday. From “the dog’s really excited I’m back home” to “flipping your pillow over to the cold side”, Pasricha draws awareness to the simple things we can be grateful for and which, strung together, really make up a big part of your life.

Here’s what I think is awesome: Free Art Magazines! Yes, through the fortuitous clicking in the “free” section on Craigslist, I came upon a listing for “100 Art Magazines” which I now have stacked up on my dining room table.

But I guess what’s really awesome is that someone took the time to look around for a way to share her magazines and to not just dump them in the recycling bin. She posted the listing, fielded the emails, took time to meet with me and now the magazines are going to reside in my shared studio space’s library where they will be read by many more people who will be inspired, encouraged and enraged. Well, that’s what art does to you. And that’s pretty awesome.