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On Wednesday it Rained

On Wednesday it Rained, Photo-based Printmaking

Artist’s Statement:

It was an uncommonly wet and miserable April afternoon in the old part of the city. A soft rain began to fall creating a drizzly curtain of reflective light. The blurry wetness slowed the city’s pace and served as a reminder of the beautiful redemption of not always being able to see clearly.


Is a title important to an artwork?

I cannot fully explain a piece of art in words. Like many other artists, I would prefer that the art speaks for itself. As has been often repeated, “If I had something to say with words, I would have written a story.” I didn’t. I made something using colour and shape and form to communicate my thoughts and feelings. I do try, however, to title my work and maybe write a few sentences about it to give a hesitant viewer a passageway into the composition.

Next time you’re at a museum or gallery, see if you can walk around the room without looking at the titles. I find it’s like being at the airport without knowing your gate number. You wander around aimlessly, slightly anxious, knowing you’re supposed to be going somewhere but not at all sure about how you’re going to get there.

Now, go up to a painting and read the title. Almost sighed with relief, didn’t you? Your gate was just called. Now you know where to go. But it’s still up to you to get there.