everything comes from everythingI like watching movies even though I always say I don’t have time to watch any. Well, we can easily sit through the news and then Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and that’s two hours gone. We could have watched a movie in that time. So tonight we trolled through what’s on offer at Netflix and settled on Almost Heaven, about a German country western singer determined to get to Nashville. After initial doubts about how coordinated we would be reading subtitles and eating, we decided to go for it and just as well because it was mostly in English. The movie is what I consider good. Not stellar, but solid. Real people, in believable situations – well, it’s a movie. Anyways, I loved this character, Snarky or something, a young Russian guy working and sleeping at a bowling alley in Bavaria, with a Rasta soul. He says, “Nothing comes from nothing. Something comes from something. Everything comes from everything. It’s simple. That’s philosophy.” Indeed it is. On an individual level, you put something out to the universe, you’ll get something back. On a collective level, the interconnectedness of all things supports and generates all actions.